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Assos, which is named Behramkale-Behramköy today, was first settled in BC. It is a settlement that continues its life uninterruptedly by going through many changes since the 2000s until today. It is not known exactly who the first inhabitants of Assos were. It is known that the city has been inhabited since the Early Bronze Age. Located on the southern coast of the Troas Region, the city of Assos is about 234 meters from the sea. It was built on a high andesite rocky hill. Andesite stone, a type of volcanic stone, was used in the construction of almost all structures in this area. In the north, Satnioeis (Tuzla Stream) rises from the western slopes of Mount Ida and pours into the sea between the cities of Lekton (Baba Cape) and Aleksandreia Troas (Dalyan). In the epic of Homer Iliad, Lelegs, one of the indigenous peoples of Anatolia living in southern Troas, are famous for maritime and piracy. It is also claimed that the oldest name is Pedasos and that the name Assos comes from him. Roman geographer Strabo also states that the Lelegs owned the region around Assos. But Strabon says that Pedasos, a Lelegian city, was abandoned in its own age and no longer exists. For this reason, it is unclear whether Assos and Pedasos, which are still inhabited, are the same place. It was destroyed by Pedasos Akhilleus during the Trojan war.
(Source: https://canakkale.ktb.gov.tr/TR-70512/assos-oren-yeri.html)

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Our hotel in Kadırga, the most beautiful bay of Assos, at the seafront, with a private beach, accepting pets, and meeting all your holiday needs…. It opens in March 2020 with its brand new staff and a different business approach. Our 36 comfortable rooms, 4 of which are suites in five blocks with a spacious layout and each of which can accommodate 3 or 4 people, will not be like the warmth of your home. We reserved our two blocks for our animal-loving friends. In these two blocks, our guests will be able to stay with their pets and will not leave them during their vacation. Our hotel was named after Pedasos, which is considered to be the old name of Assos in mythology, Pedasos, who is a hero himself, and Pedasos, the immortal horse of Akhileus, one of the protagonists of the Trojan epic. It sealed this name as a hotel that loves and respects human beings, animals, trees and all nature. You will find respect, love and care in Pedasos. Because we all deserve it.

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TAll rooms have Satellite TV, Air Condition, Private bathroom, free Wi-Fi connection. Our rooms furnished with parquet for your health will bring you peace and happiness with their tasteful furniture. You will be able to meet your food and beverage needs in our clean and well-maintained swimming pool, in our beach bar on our private beach, with our fast and excellent service.

Food and Beverage Information

Konsept: All inclusive The restaurant of our hotel, where you can stay on a half-board system, will also please our hardy guests with its à la carte menu and open buffet. The magnificent olives of Assos, olive oil, mountain thyme, the legendary cheeses of Ezine and the delicious meats of Ayvacık, our local foods and the surprises you will often encounter in our open buffet will be unforgettable flavors of your holiday. Live music that we will present on certain days will add special moments to your holiday and will make you feel the magic of the Aegean in your soul.

Activity Information

At Pedasos Altınel Hotel, various activities are organized to make your holiday enjoyable. Our guests staying in our hotel have the opportunity to play table tennis, beach volleyball or enjoy the sea and the pool and have the opportunity to explore historical places such as Troy and Assos.


Pedasos, in its Latin form, is used as the name of "Pedasus" both as a person, a horse and a place in ancient times. The main source is Homer, The Iliad. In Chapter 6 of the epic, he is a Trojan warrior, it is stated that he was killed by Euryalos with his brother Aisopos. In Chapter 16, it is the name of the horse that Achilles took as booty when he killed Eetion. As the name of the place, it is mentioned as an airy city on the shore of the river Satniois in the 6th Chapter. Satniois, on the other hand, is the Greek name for the Tuzla Stream, which comes out of Kaz Mountains and flows into the Aegean. Pliny is of the opinion that Pedasos was a place that later became Adramytteion, but it is said that he was wrong about it because it was on the banks of the Satniois river. According to Herodotus, a city in Caria is Pedasos (V.121). Its exact location is unknown, it is estimated that it is a place between Miletos, Halicarnassos and Stratonikeia. Although the name of Pedasos can be found in other ancient authors, there is no detailed information. There is a possibility that Assos is connected to Pedasos because it is a city in Troas and the Tuzla Stream passes from the north.

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